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Sandra Horton Lead Magnet - LEAD her SHI

This guide will show you how to empower a culture of more engaged employees who care about the shared vision of your organization.  With this resource, I will show you exactly how to create a positive emotional connection your team of employees have to their work and their workplace and unlock the tools you need to motivate and engage your team with ease.





~For ambitious women leaders, SheCEOs, women in business, female entrepreneurs, and founders of women led organizations.

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Karen Roosen

“Sandy‘s leadership course was really eye-opening. Her laugh vulnerability and practical skills made the course easy to digest, understand, and implement. I am going to be a better leader because of the principles that I learned in Sandra‘s class.”


Susan Recksiedler

"Sandy’s class helped me explore how my influence, values, communication style and emotional Intelligence are all important skills to continuously improve when developing an authentic leadership style. I truly loved her transparency and passion for women’s personal development."


Lisa Craik

"I'm beyond thrilled I had an opportunity to collaborate with Sandy on bringing a leadership course to my founding cohort. She was extremely focused on who the women of the program were, what their goals were, and where they were on their journey so she could meet them where they were. And meet them she did. I would work with Sandy again and again for her focus, deep knowledge, and clear passion for helping women to thrive."


how to Show your team their work matters

Brush up on having conversations that contribute to organizational values and team contributions

how to Enable your team to feel more empowered

Learn how to keep your team encouraging by keeping lines of communication open for maximum performance

how to Encourage innovation within your team

Encourage and reward employees when success happens and build cohesiveness as your team begins to see the possibilities of the future

Stretch yourself TO leAD AND support


Learn to let your actions reflect your intentions as you support the decisions of your team with clear goals, plans, for increased understanding and buy-in.


Hi, I'm Sandra Horton



With a remarkably diverse career that has spanned 30 years, Sandra Horton is a best-selling author, speaker and business transformation facilitator.


She specializes in the key areas of change management, leadership development and employee engagement championing organizations to fully realize exciting new possibilities and opportunities.

Among her credentials, Sandra is PROSCI certified in change management and has an EQ-i 2.0 certification in Emotional Intelligence.

Sandra has also developed a unique approach called The Growth Catalyst. It is designed specifically for innovative leaders who run entrepreneurial organizations. They have the following challenges; they are struggling to manage change; they are not performing or being as effective as they would like to be, and as a result, are not reaching their daring goals.

Sandra is someone who inspires individuals to have the courage to connect to their daring possibilities. She’s become a crusader for helping women show up, explore their story and own it! She is the co-founder of The Women’s Collaborative Hub (WCH), which offers a personal growth & empowerment platform where women acknowledge, own and share their gifts, and hosts the annual “Women Influencers Awards.”

xx Sandra

You're Steps Away From Turbocharging Your Team's Engagement!

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