M.A. in Leadership, EQ-I 2.0 Certified, Prosci Certified in Change Management, Best Selling Author, and creator of the Growth Catalyst Programs.

My name is Sandra J. Horton, I am known as the Growth Catalyst, Self Esteem Activator

I grew up and my story is one of being victimization, co-

dependency & suppression. In my life and business, I walked

around NUMB. Not allowing me inner guidance system to lead the way.

My mission is to ignite and unlock women to be heart-led

authentic leaders because I have touched and served 1000's of women's Authentic Leadership Hearts.


As a high performing woman with 25+ years of experience, in

multiple industries, I have mastered the art of HEART CENTERED Sales, CONNECTION, TEAM BUILDING, and being an Authentic leader myself.


NOW, I am a published author, motivational speaker, creator of the GROWTH CATALYST PROGRAM which inspires women to grow to the next level.


The number 2 keys to my success issuing your emotions with

YOUR intelligence in your Industry to create YOU and become, Bold, Brilliant and Brave Authentic Leader.


What I love most about what I do is to bring my great joy to see

my clients to become aware an fulfilled.


When I am not working, I am a on the golf course.


I hit the bullseye by supporting YOU to identify, solve and lead to your next success.

The Growth Catalyst Process is designed for innovative leaders through a combination of consulting, coaching and facilitation.


They have the following challenges; they are struggling to manage change; they are not performing or being as effective as they would like to be, and as a result, are not reaching their daring goals. 

This session will explore this new reality and how disruptive change can move us all forward. 

As a Business Transformation Facilitator, I will be their guide to help them map out a company-centric Blueprint to prepare, weather and thrive during change now and in the future. 

Participants will learn how to manage and embrace change in the following three areas.

  1. How a company can quickly adopt change to move forward. 

  2. How to be effective and efficient during times of change. 

  3. How to lean into change to become a more profitable company. 


Our Solutions

  • Readiness Assessments 

  • Communication & Communication Planning 

  • Sponsor Roadmaps 

  • Resistance Management Strategies

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Leadership Development

Leadership development requires shifting your perspective through learning about self, self in relationship with others, and self in systems. Transformational leadership principals lay the foundation for many of the programs offered to assist leader’s development. Combined together, the program takes both transformational and systems thinking to advance your leadership capacity. 

Proven to deliver change in self to facilitate change in your business. The old adage applies, “If you do things the same way you’re always done them, you’ll get the same outcomes you’ve always gotten. In order to change your outcomes, you’ve got to do things differently” (Mark Victor Hansen).  

Our Solutions

  • EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessments 

  • 360 degree Reviews 

  • One to one Coaching 

  • Executive Coaching 

Strategic Planning

Supporting organizations to succeed in business requires being able to help them perform effectively. 

This means looking at all aspects around its people, processes, and integrated systems.

Delivering the solutions through evidence-based practices will benefit organizations to plan more effectively and will be customized to individualized organizations

Our Solutions

  • SWOT sessions 

  • Community Development Strategies 

  • Board Strategies 

Our approach enables organizations a way forward by challenging individuals, teams and organizations to think, manage and perform differently to achieve their daring change and growth goals.

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Working with organizations, Sandra can deliver workshops to all group sizes on a variety of areas, along with developing customized solutions.

Our Solutions

  • Sales Training workshops 

  • Visioning sessions 

  • Meetings 

  • Team Building Sessions 

  • Strategic Planning Sessions

Workshops & Speaking

Sandra delivers powerful workshops which informs, challenges, inspires and invites participants to look at their current situation differently while imagining a new future. 

Many of her workshops focus on aspects around Leadership & leadership development, managing & leading change, and building emotionally intelligent leaders now and for the future.

Sample of workshops and educational leadership series include:

  • The Emotionally Effective Leader with MHS Assessment

  • Emotional Intelligence for Sustainable Success 

  • Six Week Leadership Training Program PLL-1 

  • Hot Topics in Leadership – Ten Best Navigation Strategies 

  • How to Increase the Odds of Keeping Your Job: Learning the Power of the 3 C's 

  • Managing Life Transitions - the Ebbs and Flows of Change 

  • ***Change Catalyst Process For Growth 

Learn a Little bit MORE

Sandra has also developed a unique approach called The Growth Catalyst. It is designed specifically for innovative leaders who run entrepreneurial organizations. They have the following challenges; they are struggling to manage change; they are not performing or being as effective as they would like to be, and as a result, are not reaching their daring goals.

Prior, to running her consulting business, Sandra had an award-winning sales and change management career in the pharmaceutical industry. While consistently ranking #1 as a senior sales leader at Lanier Canada and Mead Johnson, Sandy did her first deep dive into systems change working at Eli Lilly Canada. 

At a time when the health care sector was undergoing enormous restructuring, Sandra spearheaded ground-breaking strategies to forge mutually beneficial partnerships to improve patient care across seven health authorities in BC and Alberta. Sandy also spent three years at Roche Diagnostics once again expanding her role to design and deliver value-add programs and collaborative education initiatives across various regional health care authorities. Building on her growing collaborative expertise, in 2014, Sandra organized the Comprehensive Medical Review Conference that offered leading medical education for 200 BC physicians.

Sandra is someone who inspires individuals to have the courage to connect to their daring possibilities. She’s become a crusader for helping women show up, explore their story and own it! She is the co-founder of The Women’s Collaborative Hub (WCH), which offers a personal growth & empowerment platform where women acknowledge, own and share their gifts, and hosts the annual “Women Influencers Awards.”


Susan Recksiedler

She has strong leadership skills which is required when working alongside diverse stakeholder groups. She knows how to facilitate effectively and how to work with and inspire a team, while keeping them on task.


Karen Roosen

Sandra's change management strategies transformed our sales and organizational effectiveness.

Ron Coulson

Sandra has a positive and compassionate nature, combined with her unbridled enthusiasm serves to break down a lot of barriers in a room full of extremely diverse people.

Lisa Craik

Sandra helped me expand my potential through elevating my leadership skills.

Sandra has collaborated on two books, the international best seller, Voices of the 21st Century, and Growth Strategies for the Hungry Entrepreneur published in 2019.

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The Growth Catalyst Program for Heart-Led Authentic Women Leaders comprised of leading leadership concepts will elevate participants’ leadership abilities and prepare them for a job in the technology field. The program will allow participants to explore and create

their own Authentic Leadership style and model of being culminating in their unique ROADMAP for Success.


The Growth Catalyst Program for Heart-Led Authentic Women Leaders is designed for women who are looking to build personal capacity and take their personal leadership to the next level. 


  • Leadership is Influence

  • Your Authentic Leadership

  • Exploring Values

  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

  • Authentic and Effective Communication

  • The Authentic Leaders Roadmap

Growth Catalyst Program for Heart-Led Authentic Women Leaders

Ready to achieve your daring goals for growth?

I offer a FREE 30-minute Starter Session which helps companies assess their situation and clarify their goals.






Managing Growth

How to evaluate intense change within your organization.

Peak Performance

How to perform and be as effective as you would like to be

Achieve Goals

How to prepare, weather and thrive to reach daring goals.

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"Change your perspective.

 Change your life."