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What Every CEO Can Do NOW

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

As a Leader See Parts of Yourself That are Hidden

Regular Priced at $497 USD

The EQ-I is a tool that is built to help you see parts of yourself that are hidden.


The clients I have worked with tend to experience increased self-awareness by identifying the “why” and the “how” of the emotions and the impact in and on their lives.


The full assessment gives you a 27-page customized, validated & certified report that will allows you

  • Identify you own leadership potential

  • Leadership derailers

  • Well-being indicator to avoid burnout


The EQ- I assessment helps you balance yourself in how you see yourself and how you interact with others.


This assessment is uniquely for YOU, with 90 minutes of 1 on 1 coaching to help you integrate the learning, actions, and plans for you to become a leader in your niche.


Feel empowered by allowing your emotions to gain your goals. Reach now and take the assessment today at find out where you are and where you are going. Book a 30 minute appointment. Let's get you booked in now!



Professional Morale Booster Shot

(For Teams For your Employees & the Workplace Environment)

One Day Team Workshop with Facilitation


Regular Priced at $7997 USD


What's included:

  • Build morale and team engagement

  • Change the energy of the workplace

  • Confident energized employees yield increased revenues

  • Unify & reduce team conflicts




EQ-i 2.0

Investment: $497

The Emotional Assessment is a dynamic tool to unlock the power within.  We provide an in-depth review to identify and strengthen your social and coping skills so you can effectively manage your emotions, build stronger relationships, strengthen interpersonal skills, reduce conflict, enhance rapport with self and within teams for a stronger unified business and elevated ROI.


This assessment is designed for individuals, teams, and enterprises.


What's Included:

  • EQ-i. 2.0 Assessment

  • 60-minute Strategy & Debriefing Session

  • Global Leadership Performance Rating

  • Leadership Benchmark Report

  • Comprehensive Well-Being Evaluation


60-Min Consulting / Coaching Session

Expertise and Guidance

Investment: $125/hr

This is your opportunity to personally connect with Sandra and your first step to receiving expertise, guidance, sound advice around strategize for growth, leadership opportunities and challenges, and resolving existing conflicts within your organization and systems.


We'll discuss the following:

  • Identifying the structures that need to be in place

  • Team engagement

  • Conflict resolution

  • Strategic planning

  • Vision

  • And so much more


The 1:1 Conscious Leader Package

4-week Coaching Intensive

Investment: $1,497 USD

The Ignitor Package is a 4-week focus driven accelerator to help leaders implement a new conscious leadership blueprint through development of a clear vision, strategic plan for growth and success, goal setting & diagnose gaps and opportunities for more efficiency and effectiveness. 


What's Included:

  • 4x Coaching Strategy Sessions

  • Goal Setting Roadmap 

  • Learn, Live & Lead Conscious Leadership Blueprint


*this package does not include group facilitation


The GCP For Heart-Led Authentic 

Women Leaders

6-week Coaching Intensive

Investment: $2,497 USD

The Growth Catalyst Program for Heart-Led Authentic Women Leaders is a 6-week program designed to assist you to Define Your Leadership Style, determine what guides your behavior, embrace and stay grounded in your truth, tap into and unlock your highest potential, Master Emotional Intelligence so you can effectively create a more balanced life filled with wholeness.


With great insight and awareness, you will emerge as an authentic heart-led leader able to nurture and enhance relationships; attracting more abundance, greatness, wellness, and elevation into your purpose-filled life.


What's Included:

  • 1:1 Kickstarter Welcome Session

  • 6x Live Coaching Calls

  • Private Accountability Facebook Support Group

  • The Leadership Heart Masterclass

  • Lifetime Access to Private Training Portal

  • Q & A Hub


Custom Leadership & Growth Program

Investment: Inquire for Pricing

This custom program is built to include roadmaps, journey execution, and tools for what is needed in your organization. The value of this program caters to your unique leader and organizational needs. It is a combination of all services and experiences to elevate you to the highest level possible.


What's Included:

  • Facilitator Services

  • Speaker Services

  • PROSCI Change Management


The Power Package

8-week Consulting Intensive

Investment: $5,497 USD

The Power Package is an 8-week focus driven intensive which provides large teams and organizations with strategic expertise to create greater value. By diagnosing, analyzing, and unearthing existing processes, we provide deep upfront solutions that enable leadership and organizations to manage change, perform more effectively and elevate team engagement.


What's Included (for up to 10 team members, each additional team member is $247pp):

  • EQ-I 2.0 Individual Assessments

  • Team engagement workshop

  • Facilitation of Group Sessions

  • Half-Day Leadership Training Summit

Access everything you need to show up as an authentic leader, perform and lead effectively, and navigate change to achieve your daring goals for growth. 


An 6-Week Leadership Course

The Growth Catalyst Program

For Heart-ledWomen Leaders

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 11.26.22

The Growth Catalyst Program for Heart-led Authentic Women Leaders comprised of leading leadership concepts will elevate participants’ leadership abilities. It is a reflective tool, guiding you to yourself.The program will allow participants to explore and create their own Authentic Leadership style and model of being culminating in their unique ROADMAP for Success.


The Growth Catalyst Program for Heart-led Authentic Women Leaders is designed for women who are looking to build personal capacity and take their personal leadership to the next level. Launched July 2021.


  • Leadership is Influence

  • Your Authentic Leadership

  • Exploring Values

  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

  • Authentic and Effective Communication

  • The Authentic Leaders Roadmap

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