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The Lead Her Ship Starter Kit - Leading




What Managers Need to Keep Teams Engaged

~For ambitious women leaders, SheCEOs, women in business, female entrepreneurs, and female founders of women led organizations.

This guide will teach you how to lead your team remotely. With the recent online business shift, managers who have the right resources to galvanize their team have shown massive growth in the area of productivity and profitability.

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Karen Roosen

“Sandy‘s leadership course was really eye-opening. Her laugh vulnerability and practical skills made the course easy to digest, understand, and implement. I am going to be a better leader because of the principles that I learned in Sandra‘s class.”


Susan Recksiedler

"Sandy’s class helped me explore how my influence, values, communication style and emotional Intelligence are all important skills to continuously improve when developing an authentic leadership style. I truly loved her transparency and passion for women’s personal development."


Lisa Craik

"I'm beyond thrilled I had an opportunity to collaborate with Sandy on bringing a leadership course to my founding cohort. She was extremely focused on who the women of the program were, what their goals were, and where they were on their journey so she could meet them where they were. And meet them she did. I would work with Sandy again and again for her focus, deep knowledge, and clear passion for helping women to thrive."


build engagement

You will learn how to connect and communicate with authenticity as you create a strong culture.

redefine performance

You will learn how to properly evaluate your employees for sustainability and growth.

inCrease capacity

You will learn the secret behind increasing employee independence as you create a greater sense of autonomy and shift how you lead your team.


You will learn how to create a strong work life balance and increase more productivity and effectiveness remotely.


Hi, I'm Sandra Horton



With a remarkably diverse career that has spanned 30 years, Sandra Horton is a best-selling author, speaker and business transformation facilitator.


She specializes in the key areas of change management, leadership development and employee engagement championing organizations to fully realize exciting new possibilities and opportunities.

Among her credentials, Sandra is PROSCI certified in change management and has an EQ-i 2.0 certification in Emotional Intelligence.

Sandra has also developed a unique approach called The Growth Catalyst. It is designed specifically for innovative leaders who run entrepreneurial organizations. They have the following challenges; they are struggling to manage change; they are not performing or being as effective as they would like to be, and as a result, are not reaching their daring goals.

Sandra is someone who inspires individuals to have the courage to connect to their daring possibilities. She’s become a crusader for helping women show up, explore their story and own it! She is the co-founder of The Women’s Collaborative Hub (WCH), which offers a personal growth & empowerment platform where women acknowledge, own and share their gifts, and hosts the annual “Women Influencers Awards.”

xx Sandra


Sandra’s diligent progression of executing our strategic planning session allowed for a timely process and resourceful solutions to any conflict. Sandra came prepared and had extensive knowledge on the background of our organization. Throughout the project we felt listened to and valued. Sandra captured the team with her engaging methods, quick thinking and strategy expertise. She presented an external needs assessment and detailed SWOT that helped facilitate an effective analysis and solid strategic plan for the Downtown PoCo BIA
Jennifer Mckinnon
I had the privilege to work with Sandra when I was preparing for my MBA interview. I had a hard time preparing for some of the questions that I thought would be asked, so I reached out to Sandy for some advice as I knew her area of expertise was coaching executives and leadership development. Sandra facilitated, supported, engaged and provided information that helped with creating self-awareness. She helped me explore and define what mattered to me most and how best to show up as my authentic self.... all of which helped with overall leadership development. Once I was able to reflect and dig deep into my core values I was able to respond with genuine responses. Thank you Sandra for your kindness and support. Once we spoke, it was like a light bulb went on....what an amazing feeling that was. BTW I got into my MBA progam!!
Celia Chiang
Sandra is an outstanding professional highly trained and skilled in her field as an executive coach. Sandra coached my internal team at Innovior Construction with clear direction impacting positive change. Sandra has also had a direct impact on my personal leadership journey and I value her ability to understand complex business relationships and identify opportunities in them.
Karen Roosen

You're Steps Away From Achieving Your Leadership Genius in Leading Remotely

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